Death in Beirut


Death in Beirut is a personal essay about a city besieged of ghosts. Persians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Christian crusaders, Turks, Russians, Englishmen, French, Syrians, Israelis, Palestinians, North Americans - they have all beset the capital of Lebanon. After the protracted civil war between 1975-1990, the murder of Hariri and the retreat of Syria in 2005. the haunting past is more present than ever. Beginnings and reiterations, destruction and resurrection; Beirut is a city in which the dead walks again on the legs of the living.

"A long and brilliant essay by Swedish intellectual shooting star Michael Azar". Eurozine(Carl Henrik Fredriksson)

"Death in Beirut takes you on a fabulous trip through the History of ideas and politics of Lebanon." Sydsvenska dagbladet (Rakel Chukri)

"An excellent book." Svenska Dagbladet (Steve-Sem Sandberg)

"Incredibly well written, well-informed and clever, meandering and moving." Aftonbladet(Jenny Tunedal)