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Under november och december kommer jag att verka som gästforskare vid STIAS i Sydafrika på ett forskningsprojekt om Steve Biko och martyrskapets politik i Sydafrika. Så beskriver STIAS sin verksamhet på deras hemsida (

March 28th to 30th, three day conference in Oxford on the French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy. Tremendously substantial about this philosopher who also was on sight and took part in the discussions. Eighty plus and around 60 books, he is still fully active and one of our times foremost thinkers on subjects from art to politics.

On June 11th in 1957 the young mathematician Maurice Audin disappears after being imprisoned and tortured by the French troops in Algeria. Around fifty French speaking intellectuals are now demanding Macron the recognition of guilt of the crime committed by the army. More about this in my article in GP Kultur or read the appeal itself in l'Humanité...